Sodium valproate?

Anyone here been prescribed sodium vapourate?whats your experience?

My doc prescribed this to stabilize my mood because sometimes I am feeling well,sometimes depressed

I was on that some years ago when I had my first breakdown. I think it worked, but I picked up 10 kgs.

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I was on Depakote ER for years - It is an excellent mood stabilizer for manic and mixed states/episodes. It is ok for depression, but better against mania. It does come with side effects, as all meds do. It put a dead stop to a very severe mixed manic episode one time. It can cause weight gain at doses 1000 mg and above. I was on a very high amount for a while - 2250 mg at one time - I finally had to switch mood stabilizers because of liver concerns (high doses usually)
I am now on Lamictal. Sodium Valproate stabilizes mood nicely -

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