Anyone using Depakote (valproic acid)?

what value added to u by using this ?
recently doctor prescribed this to me

It’s a mood stabilizer. Usually prescribed for bipolars or sza.

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What are your symptoms?

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idk the reason for that

what symptoms you told the doctor?

thank you 1111222223333

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Depakote is a powerful anticonvulsant mood stabilizer.
It helps stabilize manic and depressive episodes.
Along with Risperdal it keeps me out of the hospital.
I’ve been on it for many years.

Good luck with it!

I was on valproic acid for several years along with risperidone and it helped stabilise my moods. It made me gain a lot of weight though and I hated swallowing the pills as I couldn’t break them into smaller pieces. Didn’t like taking it.

Nowadays on lamotrigine (with amisulpride and olanzapine) and much prefer it. But it’s different for everyone.

Good luck!

I take 1000mg Depakote each night to prevent mania from schizoaffective disorder. I guess it works, I don’t really have many problems with mood swings. I’ve been on it for over 10 years.