k2 epidemic in NYC

Anyone ever smoked spice? I did a little while on probation. It’s really sad. What a terrible drug it is. As bad as marijuana can be if you’re SZ, spice is 10x worse for anybody. Turns you into a zombie. Thank God I never experienced much of the long and short term lasting side-effects in my limited spice smoking days

drugs are bad mmmmmmmmkay… dont do drugs mmmmmmkayyyyyyy

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Ya that stuff is death. I was forced to smoke it at my cousins house. They have me on video tripping balls. :rage:

Eric that was inappropriate mmmmkay

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His name is bryan :angry:

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South park reference. eric cartman…

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I know. :laughing:

It was Mister Mackey anyways though :confused:

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Hidy ho its Mr.hanky

Never heard of it - until now: A very bad idea…

What is with that “krokodil” drug? Its been called as the world deadliest one.

It wasn’t around much when I was younger and smoking heavily…

I did see my youngest brother on it… Wow was he out of his head… it was a long night of me watching him just turn into a lump rolling on the ground screaming… unable to hardly speak.

None of it looked fun.

Saw pictures on the news about that “Krokodil” drugs effects on people’s skin…ew nasty.
They shoot it up, then the area gets infected and destroys large patches of skin- it just falls off…ick.

Imagine someone asking one of them to give them a hand-
and they do!

I smoked that ■■■■. Almost trew myself out of a window high on that. We had terrible cases here in Portugal with that stuff, don’t recommend, terrible idea

google image search it… drugs are ■■■■■■■ retarded

My doctors think I have brain damage from spice. Maybe. I was believe I just had marijuana and salvia. I think it was laced though. The marijuana was too powerful. The guy I bought it from said it was skunk weed and it was super cheap. He said it was just strong marijuana. Combined with my salvia use, I think it was a recipe for disaster. I also had energy drinks and booze that night. I ended up losing consciousness and having a near death experience. Very frightening.

I would never touch spice knowingly or willingly. It’s some nasty ■■■■. Marijuana is a lot better and safer. I’m not advocating drugs, but if you had to do one, I would do marijuana hands down. You can die from spice or worse. I’ve seen it and heard about it.