Just wanted to say goodbye

The neighbors have someone in a big ass truck in front of my window. I can’t leave. They plan on killing me because I won’t move.

Just call 911 then if u feel uneasy or however u cba get the feds

If the situation with your neighbors is escalating it might be wise to just move and get a new start somewhere else. Before things get really ugly.

They arnt planning to kill you just relax when this passes you will see.

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I can’t just up and move Everytime they stomp or curse etc. Sorry two years of this. I give up.

I get paranoid when people stop by my window. I keep getting Truman show-esque messages from them.

Just relax though, it’s not anything actually threatening.


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Uh, two years is long enough to put up with. You would not be just “up and moving” because they occasionally cuss or call you names. If it was only happening occasionally you could get used to it. But two years of constant abuse and conflict…
I’m on your side but these guys aren’t going to stop bugging you. It will never end or get better. In fact it has the potential to get worse. In fact, it is very likely it will get worse.

I’m going through something similar and I’m filling out applications for other places. I’ve never met more sadistic people in my whole life. I get angry at them all the time. Sometimes they know it, sometimes they don’t. TBH, I’ve been through my share of conflicts and hard times but these people frankly quite scare me because of their sadistic cruelty. I can never trust a person again who deliberately tries to drive me crazy.

I’m sorry, you’ve explained this to me a million times but I forget: Why is your boyfriend not taking care of this problem? Why is an adult man, not dealing with this situation and confronting them?

He doesn’t think they’re harassing us. I’m just going to live it out. It doesn’t matter really the next place we live it’ll be the same. He tells me I’m hearing things. Don’t worry Nick I’ll be alright. I wish I had a therapist.

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I’m glad you’ll be alright. I don’t see how you could be imagining all this for two years. But your boyfriend is closer to the situation and knows the situation better than me. I think.

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Yes they are just voices and delusions @roxanna.
Like I said before try to distract yourself with a hobby or music.

And don’t look out the windows if it makes you more paranoid.

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i know how u feel.u cant do anything but take medication,listen to music.good luck.

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