Just turned the news off

It was bothering me. Mostly about politics which we can’t discuss. I did find out though people in the military would be paid and receive a pay raise. I’m glad my sister and brother-in-law won’t have to go without a paycheck.


The TV triggers my psychosis most of the time. I dont watch TV, I just watch it for a couple of seconds when in the kitchen as my father watches the news there. I listen to it while eating though.

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Because my father watches the news in the kitchen where I eat.

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This happens to me occasionally to.

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I get paranoid of politicians and terrorists, that they are plotting to kill me.

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I don’t really follow the news or know what Trump vetoed it for but I was in the military for 26 years. These sort of things happened from time to time and we missed a paycheck or two. It always gets figured out.

We always got by. My bank would loan you the money you would have gotten no questions asked. Most military banks or credit unions do this and then there is the relief societies that offer interest free loans.

I think one of the things in the defense bill was renaming all the Army bases named after Confederate generals.

I live in the south and my state has taken down all the confederate monuments and statues, renamed streets and parks and even a local high school.

I know it’s controversial but you can’t erase your history. I think there is a famous saying that goes something like if you forget your history you are doomed to repeat it.

We can’t change the past but we can make the future a bit brighter.


Thanks TomCat. 15


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