Just signed up for Noom

I will let everyone know how it goes. The weight I lost is trying to creep back, so some extra support and accountability is needed.


Good luck! I hope you have great results. Keep us informed about your progress. That’s a relatively new program.


I have Noom. I lost 10 pounds on it. Have been having a hard time staying with it.

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Good luck! I tried it for a few days but I didn’t find that it told me much I didn’t already know

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Seen a lot of ads lately and I must admit I’m a little curious about what they have to offer. I look forward to your reports!

So far it’s not reading my steps from Google Fit like it’s supposed to. Annoying. Help system is useless.

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The step tracking is working this morning. Also, bad news for @anon4362788:

They’ve got you clocked.


I’m one of those medium-fast zombies, so…

So I’m screwed. Ain’t that grand.

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The word noom is fun to say. Good luck with your weight loss. I am considering noom myself so I’d be glad to hear how it goes.

Sounds good.
Keep us updated about it if you can.

Seven pounds gone in the first week on Noom. I’d like to think it’s flab, but the truth is that I’m not sneaking in snacks on super salty foods like I normally would. I like salt so much it’s a wonder I haven’t got a salt lick on my coffee table.

Anyhow, lose the salt, lose the water you carry because of it.


How is noom going? Is it value for money and what does noom actually do? :slight_smile:

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It has been frustrating. My weight plummeted over 9 lbs in the first week and then bounced up by 4.5 lbs in the next week. Total loss in two weeks is 7.2 lbs overall. I’ve obviously been taking on and losing water as, if that was all tissue, boy howdy.

Noom is partly about tracking and partly about the psychology of weight loss. It tries to prompt you into developing better long-term eating habits. I have to admit I haven’t pounded this much veg and fruit in a long while, so I think it’s helping there. Would be nice for this healthy diet to stay a permanent habit. I’m feeling pretty good and my fitness level is increasing again now that I’m pushing myself to exercise more. I think I like the accountability of the Noom program. Sure isn’t cheap.

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Two pounds of weight loss a week is considered to be really fast weight loss, so you’re still doing great. Just keep doing what you’re doing

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When I did my keto diet, I had dramatic weight loss the first week too. I think it has to do with glycogen levels (whatever that is) and then once off the diet I put on the weight again a couple of kg less.

Now 5 months later I am back to original weight.

I lost a kg last week back on the 1500-1600 calorie diet, plus as I can’t do cardio I am using my 5kg dumbells more.

I don’t have problems having a restrictive diet so noom wouldn’t benefit me much I believe.

I just have to face that if I eat anything over 1600 calories I gain weight. Sucks, but being on aps is a diet for life anyway.

Ain’t that the truth? My bloody metabolism has slowed down so much it’s nearly going backwards, or at least that’s how it feels to me. I’m walking as much as I can. Getting shoulder wound dealt with next month as well, so that will help.

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11 pounds gone in the first month.


Great work @shutterbug ! Not a bad loss there and glad it’s working for you.

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Well, Noom turned out to be a bust. What got me is that it is ony designed to be used on a single device. I tried to install it on my iPhone 11 from work so I wouldn’t have to carry two phones while out walking and it went kablooey. Half a week later their support department still couldn’t get it back to running right on my single device. They refunded all of my money.

Their course seems mostly okay and I appreciate the psychology. The coaching is very limited, and the online groups they want you to use are just horrible. I didn’t use them, used a Facebook group dedicated to Noom instead. One for Canadians. That’s probably the part of the program I’ll miss most, hope I can find a comparable group.

What I find funny about Noom is they constantly brag up how techy they are. They’re not. Their app is one of the worst designed and dodgiest in the diet industry. It’s so bad that rank incompetence is the only way to describe it. I think the service could be valuable if their tech worked, but it doesn’t work well at this time and that’s the main reason to give the service a pass. I did lose 12 lbs while on it, but I’m walking so much right now the odds are I would have lost it on a different program.

My recommendation is to avoid Noom at this time, particuarly if you’re on a fixed income.

@Pianogirl, you mentioned you’re using something new. Mind refreshing my memory?