Just kicked my parents out of my flat

My step dad was so rude to me. He can get away with his behaviour pretty much everywhere he goes, but not in my home.

They are gone now

I am super angry

There is no need for his attitude in my life


What happened? Was he mean or rude?

He asked me

‘When is your film coming?’

I did not understand him because I did not order a film.

He then got angry with me for not understanding him, and he got stroppy and threw his cigar down and got really pissed off with me over nothing.

I said to him how am I supposed to understand what you’re talking about. He said I meant the film for your van and I said it’s vinyl not a film

It’s not so much what he said, it’s the way he behaves and his attitude that’s the problem.

I told him you cannot behave like that in my home and told him to leave


It was the right thing to do. You are not a kid anymore

Thanks @Om_Sadasiva

Since I got diagnosed with Autism, he seems to be trying to trip me up all the time like it’s some sort of game. He is using the wrong terminology on purpose, and he keeps catching me out like this

Really annoys me.

He did this last week as well, but I was in his home so I let it slide

My mother tries to do the opposite, but he seems intent on making this an issue

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Form personal experience, Fcuk step dads. You don’t need to deal with that type of behavior.

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Yea I wouldn’t trust or be comfortable with a step dad, I prefer my biological father.

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My biological father was worse.

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I know. I have not been able to sleep properly now, so feel like absolute ■■■■

There was this guy in a mental hospital I was in that told us stories about his step dads that were like they came from the twilight zone. Sometimes the relationships between stepdads and their step sons is extremely violent.

Ours used to be violent when I was a teenager, but I was just as much to blame for being a handful

This guy said that one time when he was little he went downstairs for a drink of water at night. He said his mom was laying on the floor in a pool of blood, and his current step dad was hitting her and saying, “You deserve to bleed.” He said another time his step dad was pushing his sister up some steps with her arm twisted behind her back. Her arm was healing from being broken, and his sister was yelling, “It’s going to break again. My arm is going to break.” He said he was at the top of these stairs, and he kicked his stepdad as hard as he could in the face, knocking him down the stairs. He told me about how one time he was being arrested by this cop, and he said, “I turned around and kicked him in the balls harder than I have ever kicked anything.” I kind of went “Ouch!” to myself, because I used to tussle with that guy.

Stepdads suck because it’s just some random ahole trying to prove he’s a man by dominating you and treating your mom like crap.

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