My Step Dad hates me

He constantly yells at me and my mother. He especially hates when I talk to him about my delusions when I need help and tells me to ■■■■ off basically. Is anyone else going through this too?


He probably doesn’t understand mental illness and gets frustrated and it turns into anger.

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I know, but it still hurts.

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My own dad is irked by my presence. If he so much as hears me walk he is irritated by it. He doesn’t hate me though, he just doesn’t want me around. I wouldn’t even dream of talking to him about anything or asking him for help about something related to mental health. For the most part we ignore each other, when we don’t fight for a while he tries to get me to do favors for him and tries to convince me to be as unnoticeable as possible. If we can manage to simply ignore each other, that’s a good result in my book.

Why do you feel the need to connect with your step-dad about this of all people? I don’t know it just seems to me like you should know better than to be vulnerable around your step-dad, that’s asking for trouble. I am not defending him mind you, I am just trying to understand what’s the deal here that requires his involvement.

Your stepdad sounds like a jerk

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He can be abusive. Even when I tell him that I love him he gets angry at me.


You’re probably right. I shouldn’t care what he thinks.

That is not right……it is not your fault. :grinning:

Sometimes I think it is.

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