Just invested in a vape. Hope this time it'll work

I’ve just purchased some better quality vape, an E-grip II. I don’t know which vape of mine is it, I guess 5. or 6, but it’s the most modern of all which I had so far. Hope I’m smoking my last pack of tabacco ciggies today. I’m truly motivated to give up smoking this time.


Lucius good luck with it…!!!


thank you, mate :slight_smile:

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Haven’t touched tobacco in years. Vaping all the way.

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Hope I’ll be able to say it in some time :wink:

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I had to remove all ciggies from the house. They were too tempting at first. And hide your lighters and ashtrays. Hope you do well this time - you seem determined.

Yes, I am but, I’m living with another heavy smoker and she’s yet not enough motivated to quit. Guess I’ll have to send her outside, to the balcony :wink: anyway I guess I’ll make it this time. Thx :slight_smile:

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What mg eliquid are you going to use?
What ohm coil are you going to use?

@everhopeful the seller recommended 6 mg liquids becauuse of the power of the vape. I took a cactoo liquid. I have 3 coils to test and I’ll choose the proper one. I’m starting with 0.5 ohm coil.

0.5 ohm is called sub ohm, that’s the one to use with 6mg.

It’ll be a direct-to-lung inhale, which might take you a day to get used to if you haven’t done it before. I.e. You don’t do mouth-to-lung like cigarettes.

If you use 1 ohm or greater, you can and should use higher strength liquid.

You’ll use more liquid by using sub ohm. (more clouds!)

yes, that’s exactly what the seller told me :slight_smile: I’m happy to use lower nicotine, I would like to totally quit it someday. And the clouds are one of the things which I like most about smoking. I think this coil may be the one for me even if I’ll have to buy more liquids at the beginning.

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You’ll have to replace the coils every 2 weeks probably. So stock up on a few of them so you don’t run out.

I guess I’ll do it soon, but testing comes first :wink:

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Best of luck with it, it should do the trick!

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I hope so :slight_smile: thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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When I started vaping it took a long time for me to give up the cigarettes. I’d sometimes smoke and sometimes vape. Even though I was still smoking it really helped me cut down. If you find you have a cigarette keep using the ecig too, try not to completely give up on it. The sub ohm I couldn’t get away with, a direct lung hit just wasn’t my thing.

@MrWhite and do you ever smoke tabacco now?

Last time I had a cigarette was just over a 100 days ago. Before that I’d mainly buy a pack of 10 the morning after drinking alcohol, just craved a cigarette, that was 2 or 3 times a week, better than 180 cigarettes I was smoking before in a week. Would find though I prefered the vape and after a couple of cigarettes I’d get pretty sick of them. The longer I go without a cigarette the easier it gets.

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that’s some good news for me. When I was using these slim vapes the problem was that I had to smoke 2-3 regular cigs when I got up and I also smoked after work in the evening. After some time I always thought that it doesn’t make sense and the vape landed in the drawer. I did that numerous times.

At first I wasn’t all that keen on the vape it can take some getting used to. I think I must of been smoking cigarettes and using a vape over the course of a few years. During that time I did really cut down on the cigarettes.