I can not open my vaping tube

I hurt myself trying to open the damn tube, it is impossible.

Did you follow the video I posted in your vaping thread?

yeah :unamused: I added it to my bookmark list and watched it.
It is just too tiny pieces stuck together that I need to twist and open. Took me 10 minutes of trial and error.

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I just bought pack of 5 0.7 coils. The seller told me to use 0.18 bc with 0.7 i can not smoke 13 W

I insisted that i want to use 0.7 anyway so he said the minimum is 18 W for 0,7

I also bought 3 new flavours bc i want to forget cigarette. So i bought fruit punch , watermelon :watermelon: with cucumber :cucumber: and peach :peach:

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Sounds like you did some good things there! Are you still off cigarettes ?

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Yeah i have not smoked since last saturday noon so complete 7 days. :slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️:slight_smile:️ I do not want to i guess. When i had bronchitis i was horribly disgusted. :flushed:

Why did you tell me to get 0.7 instead of 0,18? I forgot

Because that’s the one you’re currently using and having success with.

I assume you mean 1.8 and not 0.18.

1.8ohm is “above ohm” and is a completely different experience and you need greater than 6mg nicotine.

Vaping 6mg on 1.8ohm would be like quitting cold turkey. You wouldn’t be getting enough nicotine.

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So i guess that is why it feels so easy with absolute no craving

Yeah i guess i mean 1.8

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the watermelon with cucumber is not good at all. Pear is the best by far. Tomorrow I will try the peach.

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Good going on the vaping!

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