I'm scared, I have 1 cigarette left, then I'm vaping

I’m very scared. I’m down to my last roll up cigarette then I’m vaping.

I bought a vape kit (a good quality one) with the strongest nigetine (*spelling), and I’m starting after I finish my rolling tobacco, which is after 1 more roll up.

I’m scared honestly. I tried quitting before but it was too hard, especially when on antipsychotics. I gave up for 3 years before, but started again. I’ve smoked for 10 years this time.

In my opinion I think vaping is healthier, and I honestly enjoy nigetine and smoking.

I just hope I enjoy vaping. I’ll soon see within the next hour I guess.

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What vape kit did you buy? Is it sub ohm ? If it’s sub ohm you should only use 6mg nicotine max in it. (I’m a daredevil so I use 7mg)

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Hi @everhopeful.

The man in the vape shop knew everything about vaping, I was quite amazed. He made sure I got the right vaping equipment.

My vape pen is Aspire PockeX, I paid £25. Its very smooth hit. I’ve tried it but wanted to finish my tobacco first.

I got plain tobacco flavour.

I just checked it out.

The PockeX utilizes our U-tech coil technology, specially designed to ensure a better vaping experience. There are 2 coil resistances to further satisfy your vaping preferences. The 0.6ohm 316L stainless steel coil is good for both flavor and vapor production, while the 1.2ohm Kanthal coil is a perfect choice if you prefer high nicotine ejuice.

You shouldn’t use greater than 6mg nicotine strength if you’re using the 0.6ohm coil.


Green I found the best motivation to vape comes from having no tobacco in the house. Then it takes a few days to get used to it. I would recommend big lungful to begin with to compare with real tobacco. I tend to graze on my vape, some folks only do it every half hour. Find what works for you.

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Wow, thanks guys, you are a good help.

I have one more cigarette left. Then I’m vaping.


@everhopeful I have smoke stick v8 how much nicotine can I max?


Is they good kit ? Not explode?

Do u know where I can get cheaper e liquid

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That looks to be sub-ohm so don’t use liquid over 6mg

It looks sub ohm to me. So 6mg strength max.

Cheaper eliquid here (@anon20613941 discovered them)

I use them since jimbob put me onto them.


They will not be too watery?


15 characters.

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Thnx very much…

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So the man in the vape shop was wrong? He was a bit weird anyway.

The vape pen works well though.

Thanks for the help!

Why was he wrong? What strength nicotine do you have? You could get sick if you’re using greater than 6mg and the 0.6ohm (sub ohm) coil.


To be honest I’m not sure what the strength is, but I said to the bloke I want the strongest.

He was probably right though. He diluted it in juice. Does diluting make is safer?

Also, thanks again.

It should be written on the bottle :confused: X-mg

He mixed the juice and nicotine in the shop. I don’t have the bottle.

I should be ok, I hope lol.


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Can you advise me? My ecigarette stopped working :frowning: do you know what may be the reason? I charged it. It sais battery full (green light) . And when i start vaping it sais battery empty ( orange light).

I’d buy another one. Sounds like the battery’s dead.

As much as I love vaping, vaping with nicotine can be problematic. With a cigarette, you know you’ve finished smoking when it reaches the end. With vaping, you can vape the whole day; not knowing when to stop. I’ve known people who have OD from vaping nicotine. Know your limits.

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