Just had the worst tinned food ever

Tinned ground beef and onions. Just awful. Had like a tiny taste and was like - no way


That’s too bad. I never eat meat in tins. Just don’t like the taste. Fresh is all I eat.

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I haven’t had much luck with tinned food either.


I like potted meat and corn beef hash idk about much else canned meat… I’m not much a fan of canned veggies though


i get tins of good quality minced beef and add a jar of sauce, boil some pasta for ten mins and you got a nice bolognese, i’d like to try and make chilli with it some time too

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Isn’t “worst tinned food” redundant? You can say the same thing with “tinned food”.

For the record, the above is the most disgusting thing I’ve consumed from a can.

The creators would get their own circle of Hell were Dante still alive today.



I was going to say nothing is worse than Chef Boyardee macaroni and cheese, but clearly you have me beat.


Once when I was a kid and we got a ■■■■ ton of food from a church food drive, one of the items was canned bacon. I didn’t eat any of it, so I can’t comment on the taste, though. Struck me as disgusting.

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I had some from the local food bank as a kid, turned out to be surprisingly good. My mom would put our food budget into smokes and booze so I lived on puffed wheat and skim milk powder for extended stretches of time. The dusty, expired cans of escargots were actually a treat at that point. Of course, these days, I won’t eat a snail unless you’re pointing a gun at me and even then I’ll be trying to figure out if I can find a way to shoot you with your own gun rather than eat a snail.

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@velociraptor that looks gross

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