Went to a depot clinic today

So now I have to go to a depot clinic for my injection as from today. If I can’t get a lift there it will cost me £13 in taxi fare. Well I can’t say I like this medication anyway, I might go on oral meds in the new year to try and find something better, I’m on 40mg Depixol every 2 weeks.

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I’ve seen four different psychiatrists in the past 7 years (I’m in the U.S.) and they all seemed to have different opinions when it comes to medication…

One told me there’s no way to predict how an individual will respond to a given medication, and told me not to hesitate to contact her if things seem “off” about one. I was usually able to call the doctor’s office and they’d call in a different prescription for me if things got bad. Maybe they could do the same for you? Not sure how it works in the U.K. (assuming that’s where you are)