Just got provoked and then chewed out

By this person on the internet

Provoked me to say “shut up” to him, and then he said “IS THAT YOUR BI-POLAR ACTING UP” then started provoking me some more making fun of me for being on disability saying that its my fault im schizophrenic and how hes a much “better person than me” because he works and doesnt have to be on disability…

little to say i blocked this person

came out of nowhere but really pissed me off

done with them forever :thumbsdown:

was all good just a day ago with this person

then he just snapped and let all his insecurities and complexes out on me

sad…im a little tense right now but doing good all things considered

i came up with a good idea for a website i think i can make some $ off of…i just dont know how to design a website…any advice…its pretty advanced idea but a good idea :thumbsup:

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There might be website developing tutorials on You tube …
i am also interested is developing website…Dont have any idea.
i know a little about HTML…
Search on u tube… U can find it there…

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If all you need is a website try www.weebly.com it’s drag and drop.

it’s too advanced to just drag and drop

i need profiles
i need reputation
i need reviews
i need users to be able to create ads (classifieds)
i need users to be able to set prices
and then be able to pay each other through paypal
with all sorts of verifications

its very complicated but its a good idea

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You would be surprised how far drag and drop has come along. There’s so many widgets and aps. Full e-commerce, you name it.

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ive written it out all on paper but idk how to do the coding and whatnot

Why Don’t u use google adsense …it gives u some income generating opportunity.
Currently i use it…but its not ready yet…!!

I’m just curious . How is that different than ebay? Sounds like a similar thing

it IS similar to ebay in terms of how it works…kind of. my dad said that it will be set up similar to ebay. but the product being sold is vastly different from anything ebay sells. the product will be an IDEA. rather than something physical. if i told you id be giving away my idea of the site

Fair enough. Selling intellectual property essentially

buying and selling…requesting and putting it out there for people to buy

something specific though

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