What should my website be about? (Poll)

I’m making a website that might be a blog first. I plan on doing web development or advertising some day! I really don’t want to talk about aliens or conspiracies but I know a lot. It’s sort of a passion. But I want to be safe and professional. Please vote below. Thanks!

  • Conspiracies (like aliens)
  • Bitcoin (and alt. coins)
  • My experience with SZA
  • Daily Life (Random Stuff like programming and the weather)

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I used to create websites as a hobby. My favorite language for website development is C#, whats yours?

I’m using wordpress. So little code is required. I’m still learning programming. I’m using cpanel right now. I have no knowledge of c#. I know some JavaScript, html, css, and python. I know a little bit of Linux.


Why not them all? :smile:


I agree with Zeno.

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I think all are good topics. Choose one that you have a lot to say about. Ideas run out quickly.

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Maybe a sza blog where you discuss sza issues like new meds, social issues related to mental health treatment, as well as your experience and input. Others might follow you if your topics are relevant and interesting.

I agree, just make it a hodgepodge kind of site with one page as your main then let different links branch off to different topics.

I currently write a blog myself using blogger from Google about my experiences with Schizophrenia, and it’s very therapeutic for me…to be able to write somethings I’m to afraid or ashamed to say out loud. So if you really want to be specific I’d consider that one option, or like I said, you could have a site that branches several different topics…whatever you like.


Well my mom said it should relate to my professional ambitions like web developing. So I should stay away from aliens and stuff. The problem is my name is in the WHOIS and my name is the domain name. It’s tricky, huh? I should have thought this through. I don’t know much about programming and it’s hard for me to talk. I know a ton of stuff about aliens, time travel, physics, etc. Safety is number one I guess as I’m already getting spam calls and emails. I also know a ton about schizophrenia because I have it! I could write all day about that.

I don’t know much about bitcoin. I don’t like talking about the weather. I like mathematics and I’m pretty good at it but I’m just a college drop out.

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I think the topic you choose should be based on your intended audience and what you want this website to do for you. I have a blog that’s just all reviews of guitar pedals. But I’m not using it as a way to make money or further any job ambitions. And I’ve stopped posting about 3 years ago, been too busy with other stuff to do the rest of reviews I want to do. :guitar::notes:

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You could create a satire site
Like this one :joy:

Solid advice. Thank you!

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