Create a website to sell stuff

Hey guys I had a thought in my mind

Most of us here are unemployed or don’t have good jobs

I thought why can’t we collectively create a website that sells stuff online and see how it goes

One thing that will keep us busy and maybe if it clicks we can make some money

There are people on here who r good at computers. Maybe we can pool our soft talents and create some stuff

It would be a great learning experience too

I know there are websites like amazon and alibaba n stuff but we r not competing with them and maybe we can just give it a try

What do you think of my idea?

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Ebay already exists though. That’s where everyone goes to sell their stuff. All other websites are just ghost towns.

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Ya good info I know

eBay is there Amazon is there but can’t we have our own where we sell our stuff and people respond

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It’s a good idea however I don’t want people knowing my address and name.

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Well it would be a common website of us all so there won’t be mention of individual name and address

No but when something gets sold you’d need to give details , not saying it won’t work but I’m too paranoid.

Ya u r right

Even I have not worked out the details

Maybe someone who has prior experience can chip in

It’s just an idea that crossed my mind

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