A top 20 website

I’m in the process of creating a website that calculates two top twenty lists from YouTube. One I call top 20 which is the 20 most videos over the last 24 hours and the other Hot 20 is calculated using views/time from publication.

What do you guys think about this and have you seen anything out there that does it already? Thx


Sounds cool. Lets see it. Link it !!

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I can’t link it or name (forum rules) it but we can talk about it. It will be operational in 2 weeks

What’s its purpose?

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I’ve been thinking about how to advertise it and what I’m thinking is this: for every video on the front page I will go to YouTube comments, the artist’s Twitter, and on other one and post something like this:

site name*
The (site name) top/hot 20 has ranked (video name) #xx in the world on 4/30/21.

What do you think?

It’s purpose is to report the 20 most watched YouTube videos viewed in the last 24 hours and the top 20 as calculated using views/ time since release

It’s true purpose is to open the world up globally because this is reporting globally. To be a mirror on the world, a bridge across cultures

Only 66% of the videos expected to be in English, many may be in hindi

I need help here I’m doing this all alone

Even my wife who I gave 10% of the company to won’t write for it and only agrees to edit my marketing material

I think my programmer is good but he only takes instructions. My other friends think it’s one of my latest hobby obsessions. I have had to create every idea including the page layout, concept, organization, everything… and I have gotten almost no feedback positive or negative

My mom likes it but my dad just wishes me good luck

to be cool!! what???


That does sound cool. Would make a good homepage to show what’s current and happening.

Maybe different pages for different languages? Sub pages for particular topics eg sport, news?


I agree with @FeverToTell it is a cool idea and you should expand on it


@FeverToTell @Twialine theres more that I haven’t said…

It’s completely searchable, so if you search news it will give the top 20 news videos and so on.

There will be a user section with ability to make automated searches and a play all feature

It will also be searchable globally or by region. YouTube splits the world into 103 regions


Any other thoughts? We giving 50% of the REVENUE to mental health charities!!

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Would you be more inclined to visit a site if you knew that by visiting you are indirectly giving to charity because your activity creates revenue for the site and 50% of the revenue goes to charity?

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Bumping this cause it needed some love

This is me not trying

Hey the website is a cool idea

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Wish I could give more than one heart for your support man. The audience is global so all I need is a small nitch of people that think it’s cool for it to do well.

It should be operational in two weeks and possibly going viral in 6 when our advertising starts

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Ok great

All the best and looking forward to the site

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How did your sz occur? I started hearing my neighbors talking about me smoking gin the balcony and then I started hearing the neighbors at work. Next thing I was catatonic at work talking to all the voices in my head and finding it very hard to keep my lips still.

Was it freaky like that?

They fired me within 3 weeks of initial onset

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My sz started in my late teens when I enrolled in an engineering college for graduation

It’s been a pain ever since