Just got called a dick


Minding my own business going out for some milk. And some teenager called me a dick! Now im paranoid. Maybe she picked up on my nerves outside - i dunno. Or maybe she knows im from the pub - and ive fallen out with them, cos ive stopped going down cos i quit - and the landlady is pissed off losing my £150 a week down there.

And people wonder why i prefer to stay indoors!
Someone please tell me im over reacting! :frowning:

Im 44 for Gods sake - i should be able to handle a crappy comment from a snarky teenager!


It was probably some dumb dare to call the next person coming in a name. Kids do stuff like that . Try to let it go. That kid doesn’t know you. The kid was just being a jerk.


Yeah your right. Noticed ive been a bit over-sensitive latley. Thanks for rationalising it for me. I feel a bit of a prat now.



I wouldn’t pay attention.
Teens can be jerks sometimes.
They don’t know who you are.


Could you have got it wrong
Maybe she was talking on phone hands free or maybe they said something else

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Maybe they were a local but thought you were a Butlins tourist?

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Possibly - she was glued to the phone walking past. Maybe im just paranoid.


It’s not just you. Teenagers can be mean

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She was probably calling her ex boyfriend a dick



Yeah could be - its full of em round here at the moment. Its half the reason ive been avioding the town latley.

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If she was on the phone that is who she called a dick.



Yeah your likely right. Hooray for Paranoia. I think i better put it down to a brain fart.

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They happen all the time those brain farts

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I would thought the same thing too, but even if it was Bi-tch, that’s kind of a good word these days.

How’s the non drinking beer going? Are you taking pills for it. I take 6 a day,
but I still struggle a lot of days. Wishing you well.


Kids can be really rude. I wouldn’t think much of it.


Teenagers are just children.
Pay them no mind.
Take it as a compliment because maybe he was saying you have a big dick. :wink:


I had kids bark at me once when I was about 16. Scarred me permanently.

Yours sounds like a coincidence since she was on her phone. I doubt it had anything to do with you. Also, no matter your age, hurtful comments are just that- hurtful.


I agree with what people said. Probably a teenager just playing around, not being nice.


I got called shamu by a teenager in the park last year. But I think it was in my head how would a millennial know about sham?


No way a teenage girl on a phone notices anything…your’e lucky she didn’t run into you…they hardly look up

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