Silence me

Been having ongoing difficultys with the GF.

Never came home last night - Threw my keys in my face,
And finally (FINALLY) admitted the baby was not mine - and she was just
using me for my council flat.

Gave her the Cot, Clothes , Sterilser and all the other crap , with 300 Cash,
And told her to Fck Right off.

Her Paremts are flaming disgusted with her behaviour.

Silence me please @ZombieMombie @ninjastar for 48 hours.

Cos im going on the piss. And its not even MH related - so shouldnt be posting anyway.

Thanks @anon94176359 for telling me like it is.


Yikes. That’s a lot to take in. Don’t go drinking though. Stay here and talk to us.


Lots of girls do stuff like this, good thing you found out now vs years from now. Hope you find peace soon. Always get a paternity test fellas.

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Personally if a girl much younger than me wanted me I would feel that something is off. I would feel like if she’s going to take advantage of me and my money. If I were you I would find a girl of my age.

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And yeah alcohol is never the solution, it will make you even worse.

I’m so sorry @Naarai

PM me if you want back earlier

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@Naarai I’m very sorry to hear this! Drinking may help numb the pain and shock for a short time but after that it will still be there and require working through, so please don’t do anything too extreme. The usual female way of dealing with something like this is to talk about it to a sympathetic friend who you know to be supportive and genuinely caring. I’m sure that must be helpful for men too. If you can do this instead of getting drunk you may find it much more helpful. But either way, we will not judge or criticise you :innocent:

I’m so sorry. May you heal mentally and emotionally over this.

Sorry to hear this @Naarai.
Try not to be too unkind to yourself. ■■■■ happens.

Sorry to hear this man

So sorry @Naarai

People can be ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ sometimes.

I hope this doesn’t cause you to go off the rails

Wow, I’m sorry that this has happened. I’m thinking of you.


I’m so sorry to hear this. You’re a GOOD guy. Remember that. You were trying to do the right things. I respect you for that!

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