Just got a jury citation!

Gonna apply for exemption on medical grounds.


Best of luck j…u are the man…i will pm u…

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As a witness??
How come??
Was there a murder in the neighborhood? :scream:

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No not as a witness. A citation to be part of the jury. Could last weeks. Gonna see if I can get exempt on the bases of severe mi.


Oh I see. Sounds like a troublesome activity. You never know whom you will need to put away and then his family or gang will be after your ass.
You don’t need more paranoia :astonished:

…unless it’s for a beauty pageant jury. Then you have my full support and please sleep with as many contestants as possible :wink:

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First 2 times I got jury duty I was severely ill and got notes from doctors to get me out of it. They haven’t bothered me in a while. I think that was over 4 years ago. Hopefully they never mail me again because they think I’m crazy lololol.

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Yeah have left a message for the doctor to ask for a letter. My mum got a letter for physical illness.

my husband has jury duty this morning. I will miss him terribly. You guys know I don’t do good when he’s not here.


Sorry he has jury duty. It sucks

Same thing happened to me a couple of times, so I had my doctor vouch for me.

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They’ve been pestering me since I turned 18. A letter from my pdoc postponed it for about 6 years, but last year after I got a new drivers license, I had to serve.

Only made it to the jury selection.
Lasted two full days, then they picked their 14 - 12 for the box, 2 for spares.

What a pain in the ass to get through security check, they sent me back to my car 8 blocks away- twice, all for 2 different tiny pocket sized screwdrivers, and almost a 3rd time for my “SIM card extractor” on my keychain- all which passed the same security the day before.

I pleaded if they let me though, I promised I wouldn’t remove anybody’s SIM card- or I was going home for good.
They reluctantly let me in.

I still got a check for my troubles, $18.33, and typical Sz me, I just found that check yesterday.
Sigh. It’s too old to cash now, maybe I can hang it on the wall for art.
Can’t deny I’m disorganized, that’s for sure.

Do they really want me to serve on a jury?