Just going over my life

Just thinking. My two best friends growing up were considered good looking by some girls. One of them had a girlfriend in 7th grade. The other one lost his virginity when he was 14. I knew him from 5th grade until a couple years after high school ended. I saw him turn out to be a guy who most girls really liked.

I don’t know how he did it but to me he was the person I played with as a kid and we went out for sports and then got into partying. I have to admit, he amazed me a couple times with the girls he talked to who liked him. He fooled around with a few of the most popular girls in school who were real beauties. We were pretty equal except he got women and I didn’t.

But I have thinking about this for a few months. I think back on my high school years and me and my friends hanging out on the streets every night with the neighborhood girls. We used to fool around with them a little.

But I hung around them all that time and they rarely disrespected me. I mean we were out there playing football while the girls watched or later we all used to party. The girls certainly had no romantic feelings towards me but thinking back, I was accepted. And it wasn’t all because of who my friends were, I think they accepted me on my own merit. Kind of boosts my confidence to realize that.

I’m not even close to being a ladies man, but my fantasy was always to be a player. I always thought that if the right girl liked me, I would “break through” and get into that exclusive club of being liked by women. Of course I’m 60 now and past my prime–by a lot. I talk to women at work or try to be friendly with cashiers. But that’s all it is, friendly talk. I mean I’ve gotten lucky with women years ago and I’m still friendly with a few women at work my age.

It does boost my ego to think of some women who liked me and I liked a lot of them too.

I’m just rambling and reminiscing about the old days.


I’m sure they liked you just the way you were. You seem very likable


Well thanks, @ZmaGal.

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I was a member of the unpopular group when I was at school myself. Hang around some good people. However, I was never the girl who had boyfriends. I had no confidence, thought I was ugly and I was too depressed. I focused my energies on academic achievement instead.

Well, I bet something good happened to you in school.

I moved a lot went to four different high schools, never got to settle in any one of them. No girls wanted me, because I was like 5’2" until I hit senior year. Now I’m 5’10" but it doesn’t matter because that window has closed.

Ah, not really. My Depression started in middle school and as a result I didn’t do as well as I should of had I not been depressed. My friendships broke down, my fault there, and I started getting more paranoid. The only good time I had at school was in grade 7. I had 2 really good friends and we were very alike.

I had friends all through my childhood up to age 17. After that, zero friends when I became prodromal. I didn’t make a single friend until 20 years later when I turned 37. Now, I’m 61 and I have zero friends again.

@77nick77 you seem so lonely…why don’t you just try plenty of fish ? I found my gf on there…and I have a lot of luck online with women…get one my friend !! time is wasting…

I do not have friends either. But I see often people whom I know when I ride my bicycle.

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