My sisters friend called me handsome

The other day. That’s my favorite compliment. I was not the best looking kid when I was growing up. All through high school I had to hear all these girls calling my two best friends good looking and “cute” but NEVER me. A few years ago I had a female roommate. We used to run into each other in the kitchen and we would always talk. I think she liked me. She would always stand close to me and put her face real ,close to mine like she wanted to kiss me or i should kiss her. I remember I gave her a ride to the hospital when she hurt her leg. My older sister had worked as a sunglasses salesperson and had sold me a new pair of Ray-Bans for half price. I was wearing them when I was driving and this girl said, “You’re so handsome, you look like Tom Cruise”.( Tom Cruise in Risky Business)


I was what they called handsome once.

I just knew better thats all. I knew what i was so i knew they were being delusional in saying that.

Not once during my time on earth have i felt or thought that i looked good in anyway, even when i did look good to them. And when i looked well to them it didn’t matter in the least.

Now all that i dream of is being made of light.


I do better when I’m off my meds as far a polish. Working on it but I have drinking so much lately. Also being poor does not help. Have a date I’m really looking forward to with someone I have not seen in person in a year. Looking at old pictures I think I looked better back then. Makes me not want to go one the date.

I think I am just average. If I were truly hot girls would be looking me over when I went out and flirting. The only time girls show signs of attraction is when I am buying something from them. Otherwise they don’t sporadically talk to me, unless it is the internets, in which case it is generally older women who talk to me.

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Oh i was such a hansome dying piece of meat back then.

They liked me back then.

But all that i could think was that i was a bloody rotting brain consiousness, i had rotting fragile bones and also rotting organs that were going to torture me some day.

Trust me, no one looks good down here.

I’ve always liked the handsome comment from women. Makes me feel much more masculine than be called cute lol

It’s weird how language has developed like that. It’s a reflection of complexity.

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as I age women seem more interested in me. its probably because for the most part , that im single and most of my friends are either dating engaged or married. so it probably seems a bit odd to them and they want to know more. hell my nephiews and nieces are starting to notice now , one of my nephews asked me the other day did my family die ? I guess with women they think that I need caring for , and Im somebit out of the ordinary.

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Hi 77nick77 great someone called you handsome. In my early 20’s was called attractive by most of my friends and strangers. The last time someone called me beautiful was by my guy friend a couple years ago. We were in half moon bay eating dinner and then he called be beautiful I thinks it was because I had red hair back then and had a fair complexion. I like to compliment others on their looks too.

News flash! Doesn’t count until you seal the deal!

The women tell me I have the body of a God. Buddha


She’s married…

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I kind of look like Mike Piazza - the baseball player.
I was ok in the looks department - not so hot in the brain department


Yeah, you look OK. You must have had the girls after you.

Not to toot my own horn, but if i take the time to put on make up, and do my hair and dress up, i do not look too bad for almost 44 ( february 22nd), even at this age i can still turn a few heads, but i am nothing like i was when i was younger. Age is cruel.


No, thats not a photo of me - thats actually a photo of mike Piazza, the famous baseball player.
I dont know how to download photos on here - but in my 20s and 30s a lot of people told me that I was a spitting image of him.
I am middle aged now, so a lot of the sparkle and shine has faded away a bit :smile:

i’d’ve got her number lol

just be like ‘thanks’ can i get your phone number then? haha (without being too serious though) lol

oh right just noticed you said she was married lol

I overheard a woman call me ugly at work last week…I told her I’m 55, I’m not supposed to be a pretty boy anymore…then I said it must be tough to be ugly on the outside and inside, I feel for you lol