Just get married

Nothing needs to happen in my life

I just need to get married

No job no nothing

If I get married then I am all set

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I don’t understand why you would think that.

Sometimes I wish that too.
Finding someone doesn’t mean you will be together for life.
Also after years of being with someone,you became real attached,if it is right person.
But then comes illnes,after decades,and it becomes hard to see someone you loved for life is leaving because he,she is ill.
That sounds dark,but its life…

So you and your partner just have sex all day or do nothing or what?? Either way, it Sounds luxurious but unrealistic

Thx all for all the answers

Well getting married doesn’t mean having sex all day

It’s just getting married and living a normal married life

And if your spouse tells you to do something you don’t like (unless that person is poor too) you won’t be able to refuse.

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ya i wont refuse but i will do it if only i am able to

What do you mean by you would be all set, if you are married

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What I meant by I will be all set is I would have settled down with a wife and kids and live a happy married life if my wife is supportive

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