Just found out my brother could be smoking weed

My mom wants me to talk to him but idk what to say?? Any suggestions that could help, other than don’t do drugs lol. But being serious this does freak me out because this is the path that I went down that lead to my diagnosis.


That’s tough.

In a lot of ways, smoking weed is not a big deal at all,

But if you have a family history of psychosis, its a whole different thing.

I guess just tell him your smoking weed/psychosis testimony and let him make the decisions,

That’s really all you can do.

How old is he?

Is weed legal in your state?


Yeah that’s what I was thinking…

No it’s not legal here and he’s 14

I think if he wants to do it then he’s just going to do it which is why idk exactly what to say to him



That’s about the right age.

The thing about weed is, its pretty benign most of the time,

So expressing the dangers is hard.

I’d just tell him what happened to you and maybe skim over the “you could get arrested” thing.

Odds are good he’ll get a little too stoned one time and scare himself off of it soon enough…



I don’t know if he’s capable of understanding the risks, but … you gotta try to tell him about them.

The people he knows will be telling him it’s harmless, even healthy.

But when you have a sibling or close family member with psychosis, it’s very risky.

Even if he didn’t, at 14, regular weed use changes brain development. I’m not talking about 1 time, more like a few times a week.

There are tons of studies. You know him, if he would be swayed by that or even be willing to look at them. Otherwise, all you can do is tell him your story.


Haha yeah the perfect scenario would be that he’ll have a bad experience with it and then decide he doesn’t like it


I was put in the same situation, and I talked to my brother about weed.

He didn’t listen and he smokes now.

It’s honestly about the people who surround you that influence your behaviour.


Tell him about the risks in the developing mind, too. Tell him if he wants to take the rush after he’s a little older, fine, whatever, but at his age it’s really dangerous given your Dx. Maybe send him links to articles and short easy to read studies that explain dangers. Not even all at once, just randomly as you come across them. Let him know your story.


I remember when they told me the risks lol.

I didnt care and thought they were just lame old people

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Here are some reports about the effects of marijuana on an adolescent brain. Smoking before 21 is way more dangerous because the brain is still developing.


Tell him this and that you’re worried the same could happen to him


when i was having an episode when i was about 18-20 i smoked about 1/8th ounce of weed everyday. eventually i turned to harder drugs like coke. weed is a gateway drug that leads to other harder drugs after the user gets comfortable with it


I smoke… but only when the gabapenton is working. It helps with many problems… but if i smoke on a day the gaba is not working… its like hell…

It seems like most people are equiped to handle thc in stride… your brain has receptors for it so im guessing humans been getting high… its just not for all of us… it pretty much boils down to the individuals decision… 14 is kinda early tho…

Kids are getting uber high thc strains… and fuggin dabs sitting at like 85%… thats over kill…


LOLOL. If somebody told me not to smoke weed at that age (and I mean anyone, even a sister) I would laugh in their face, spite them, and become 1000x more dedicated to smoking weed.

If I were you, I wouldn’t make it a big deal at all. The more reaction someone gets for their self destructive (some would say :roll_eyes:) behaviour the more they’ll want to do it. Especially at that age.

If he realizes that what he’s doing isn’t getting him attention or punishment, if he thinks that nobody cares, chances are he’ll get bored and stop doing it.

At this age, most likely he doesn’t really ‘love’ weed. He just wants to rebel and say a big FUCKYOU to everyone. The less reaction he gets, the faster he’ll lose interest.

Trust me, I’m a weed smoking professional. (And also was a very rebellious teenager)


@TheStrange. I agree with @anon54386108


My goodness that st stinks :mask:. I wouldn’t smoke that smelly st to save my life.

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This may not be a popular opinion, but smoking weed kinda is a big deal, especially if it’s become a regular habit to self-medicate. IMO, so is consuming alcohol on a regular basis to self-medicate.

Both alcohol and weed can impair function, so driving under the influence of either can cause potentially deadly consequences for others. Therefore, it becomes a broader public health and safety concern.

With that said, if there is sound peer-reviewed evidence that cannabis is helpful to treat specific medical conditions, this should be an available treatment option if it’s done under the advise of a doctor, the same as any under medication.

Just providing another viewpoint to consider…



He may not be receptive to a talk but if you have an okay or better relationship perhaps just spending time with him may be the answer.


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