Crazy bad things i dont know what to do

one of my siblings i think is experiencing psychosis, it has been going on for a while but he hasnt gotten help, he used to come in the house crying after smoking weed because he would be hearing voices and would be talking about bad things that have happenened in his past but usually once he sobers up he is better not completely normal but better, we tried to get him to stop using drugs but he doesnt, it seems like he is just getting worse,

basically a few days ago he dropped all his college courses so he came home and yesterday early in the morning he was outside playing very loud music from his car and dancing in the middle of the street and he said he hadnt slept at all and that he felt a something in his spirit so he needed to dance, he kept saying delusional nonsense and doing abnormal things and it is like he has no insight at all anymore on what is going on in his brain, he acts like a completely different person, he got arrested last night after he left out from the house to go back to his apartment and started fighting one of his friends and now he is in jail right now.

i really think he needs to see a psychiatrist and i feel like because i have psychosis and now i am better on meds i know that enough of what he has said and done shows that something isnt right in his head but he doesnt really listen when i tell him stuff that i know from my experiences and what is actually going on. i dont really know what to do but it hurts to see him like this and its stressing me out and me and my family are really worried for him

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this may be kimd of a long post but it has been driving me crazy and i really dont know what i can do to help them or get a them to see a pdoc, maybe in time things will be better but everyday recently has been chaotic

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