Just for fun... a fond back to school memory

When I was in Junior High there was a girl who I hung out with a bit, she was very nice to me and she would try to understand me. We were both not part of the in crowd. She was a bit chunky, had braces, wore glasses, had short cropped hair.

Summer came and went and on the first day of school, her hair was longer, she was thinner, the braces were gone and she switched to contacts… so this very pretty girl hung out with me for a while during the first few weeks of school.

No one could figure out how I managed to get to know this pretty girl… not thinking it was still the same Ole Annie underneath. (liked to draw scary hands, read comic books and philosophy and beat me in stone skipping every time.)

Sad thing was… her parents were in the middle of the divorce and she didn’t get to finish her school year with me. She got transfered to a school by her Mom’s new place. I keep hoping to run into her sometime… but oh well.


I dont have too many fond memories of my school days - but I did have a blast going to a lot of the house parties during my junior and senior year of High School. It was a pretty carefree time -


This reminds me of my old friend Sara…she always had scraggly hair and dressed like a guy until one day she cut her hair and dyed it jet black and showed up dressed like a girl…she was drop dead gorgeous I tell you. I had a long term girlfriend at the time so it wasn’t like I was interested in her in that way…but she was looking good.

That was high school though…after I’d already dropped out…middle school was a different story all together. I was a bit of a punk rocker in middle school and this caused a culture war with hip hop crowd that actually made the news and got all blown out of proportion. That was insane.

I was a science freak in high school, then became a arty hippie, but always the ‘weird’ girl, the loner. Had a few good friends though. It was fun hanging out with them. But my high school memories are fraught with panic attacks and social avoidance, so it wasn’t all that good. I look fondly back on my arty hippie days, I still have some of it in me now, like long flowing colourful and tie dyed dresses, with bead necklaces. :smile:

I was a mess in high school. My parents were back together after seperating for a long time and I knew it was because he cheated on my mom that they seperated and I was very against him. and he was against me. I just couldn’t understand my life so I did a lot of drugs to rebel. good one, dummy.

I experienced frequent bouts of loneliness and not being “part of” in high school. I was an outsider, maybe by choice. During four years of school I had four people who I would call friends. I did meet other people through these friends and I did hang out with a certain crowd though we were definitely “frenemies”. I did find a little acceptance my last two years of school by smoking pot out with the stoners. They didn’t totally reject me but we weren’t friends. I knew many people because I used to sell joints during breaks and lunch, so I was recognized for that a little. Not something to be proud of I guess.
But the thing I’m proud about of is that in P.E. my freshman year I was ALWAYS picked last for sport teams which was embarrassing. But I kept at it and improved in my baseball/football/soccer skills and by the time I was a senior, not only was I not picked last, but the coaches would pick me to be a captain of the teams and I got to do the picking.

I have to admit that my school days were a real mess. I was ill young and it tainted much of those years. Still there were a few good experiences.

In intermediate school I, and a few others, somehow gained permission to use the Digital teletype machines. They were basically printers with a keyboard attached that were connected to the mainframe computer in the senior high school. We would sit in that room for hours during breaks and after school, playing games, programming, and all around exploring the system. It was a lot of fun. I miss those old things.

Up to middle school I had many friends and too much socializing. Through a series of bad events, including the death of my best friend and me choosing to live away from my family for the summer, I grew drastically apart from the kids my age.
When I started high school I was removed from my family for neglect, and further widened the gap. Although I remained outwardly friendly to all, there was nothing I wanted more than to graduate and ditch the teenage years.

This was only in the last 2 years, but my current husband was persistent in getting me to trade in my jeans/black boot camp boots (which are now in style I love to point out) and 5-6 layered shirts with sweatshirt on top (which made me look heavier than I was) for a short skirt, sandals and a thin T-shirt.
People started asking him if I was a new girlfriend of his because all they saw last time was this “boy-looking” girl. Even my ex’s mouth was stuck open and he stuttered out a hello! when I opened the door wearing a skirt.

In Jr +high school I was socially a minus nine. No. one wanted to be seen connected with me. Halfway through the eighth grade I was in the band and a sixth grader for some reason befriended me. We ate lunch together and hung out together on a few band trips.

One included a carnival where we were all turned out . I’d always spent my time alone at such things. But Lisa and I went maybe too - wild and rode all the rides. It was the most fun I’d ever had. Partly because I was experiencing what I’d always watched the others do from a distance.

The next year I was in high school and by the next year I had dropped out of school. I forgot about that brief friendship, till years later + I remembered that carnival.

i’ve always been weird but popular with classmates. i wasn’t part pf the “in” crowd in secondary school but sort of floated between all groups. i was loud and fun to b with…i’m still hoping she comes back…but i don’t think she will :frowning:

I feel like I’ve been several different people in my lifetime.

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I was a really good student in highschool, and always was first to class because I didn’t stop in the halls to talk to people (I didn’t have friends tbh) and I walked in on one of my favorite teachers talking to another. He grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me to the other teacher say, “She is one of my best students in class. I would be proud to have her as my daughter.” It’s so surreal to me to think that he felt of me this way and I genuinely miss him. It’s crazy to have a strong teacher-student relationship these days, thats not sexual lmao.

My first day of Junior High (we had sixth grade centers, so Junior High still existed) I was accepted by the “cool” crowd (the cheerleaders). It was only because of what I wore and who I made eye contact with on my way to the groups of cliques. Fortunately I went to my gifted classes and made friends who I’d keep through college and beyond, but that was my brush with “coolness.”

I don’t remember having any concept of who the popular crowd even was in middle school or high school. I was well known…nearly everyone had at least heard of me…so I suppose I could have been popular had I been so inclined but I preferred my social circles on the smaller side.

I liked having a few little crowds to bounce back and forth from though…get bored of one so go MIA and hangout with the other for a while. In high school I had my punks, my stoners and my hipsteresque “smart kid” crowd to keep things interesting.

my music teacher not only liked my composition but stole it and put it in the show thatw as ;played in the cathedral. being faster than everyone else in swimming, getting stoned in maths class.
school orchestra.

I usually had cool friends. Which rubbed off on me. But I held my own and did most everything they did. My friend left me in the dust though when it came to looks and getting girls. My heyday with women was the four years I was addicted to crack. False courage but it worked sometimes.

I was the weirdo smart kid in school. I was known but didn’t quite have friends. I think people felt sorry for me and would let me hang with them sometimes.
My symptoms started showing up in high school though so I earned a bad reputation. And even though I started hearing voices and had panic attacks I still managed to get a scholarship. It was the best thing to happen to me back then.