How was your school ages?

İ remember nobody wants to sit next to me during my middle and high school.i don t know why if it because my sickness personality or my ethnic were really depressive times.


I was very secretive, insecure, I hid from the world in high school. I maybe had 1 or 2 friends but we never talked again after my psychosis got bad.

I was shy, aloof, not stupid. But very unconcerned. I was dissociating a lot.

Not a good student


Uncorcerned!!same as me.i just finded too stupid to interest such a dumb ■■■■ concept of education system.i used to find all my classmates such a jerks.


Now I love learning and regret not setting the foundation for learning in high school for the rest of my life. I did learn a buncha things from my struggle though I may not have learned if I paid attention in hs and was on a more normal path …


Me too. I was thinking about a memory I hadn’t thought of for ten years yesterday. Man, my classmates were all really jerks in middle and high school. I was weaker than them at the time. But I don’t think it makes it right for them to bully u and take advantage of weakness. They should bring u up not the perpetual downward spiral of hurting u.


I’ll just say that in my senior year I was hardly ever in school. I took an insane amount of mental health days to the point where the administration was threatening me with punishment if my attendance didn’t improve.

The school I went to had no concept of Clinical Depression and whatnot.

Oh and I was pretty out of it while I was there. I don’t remember much of what I talked about. I had peers to engage with when I could but I wasn’t Mr. Popularity.



it was weird. In my senior they toke me to psych clinic, in my teenage I had a lot of social issues and I hardly was actually in the school. Wow, never thought about how my mental issues war already then on a high level.


I was popular and had lots of friends in elementary and high school, socialized a lot, partied a lot. But now I have no friends and am a bit of a hermit.


I went from having a few friends in elementary and junior high and sophomore year in high school, to having zero friends in the prodromal years of my junior and senior years of high school and throughout college.

I had only two friends at different times during my adult years.

I now have zero friends, keep to myself and live as a hermit.

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Elementary school was tolerable. Middle and high school were agony, hated both with a passion.


I’m sorry @velociraptor .

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School was dreadful. I had little to no friends, I was always the black sheep and the odd one out.
Somehow always wound up as an easy target for bullies.

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Boarding school 8-18. Prep 8-13 Public school 13-18. Wet bed most days at prep school from age 8-11, but didn’t wet the bed at home. No friends at either. Severe verbal bullying at public school . Academically underachieved. Mediocre student.

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Yea school was not amazing although my first year at high school was.

And university, half the time was okay. Some really good memories. Of sleepovers and a few occasional parties. And some nice people. And… Youth.

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It was alright until middle school. Bad family and addiction issues caused me to withdraw and isolate from everything around when I turned 12.

Havent been the same since but college was much much better in the grand scheme of things

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Elementary school I was moving around a lot, so constantly the new girl.

Middle school I went to private school where I was not accepted and treated poorly.

In high school I did much better socially and was pretty happy with my group of friends and activities.

College was rough, but I made it.

I don’t rememeber a lot! I was popular in two different middle schools. My second school which I transferred in 4th grade had me take a placement test and the principal said I was really smart and would take over the 4th grade which I kind of did. In high school I got as high as a 3.75 gpa and as low as a 0.5 gpa. I was kind of shy in high school for some reason. But I had a lot of friends by junior year. I had my own table which was a very popular table at lunch. I didn’t get my diploma right away and had to take a class at local community college. Then I went to college and took a bunch of welding classes but that was during the Great Recession and I couldn’t find a job as a welder. I went back at 26 and took math classes on and off but I’m done I wouldn’t go back to college now. I always went to private schools I didn’t like public junior college as much.

We went to Hawaii senior year of high school I was a snare drummer in the marching band I was head of the drum line senior year! That was a wild trip crazy partying ha ha!!

My high school years mostly sucked but there were occasional good moments. I cut class a lot with my friend and we would got to his house and smoke pot while his mother was at work.

I never really felt excepted by the main groups like the jocks, or the stoners or the geeks. But I hung out with some of them anyway.

I have to admit, selling pot was fun and smoking pot every day on the “field”, a small grassy area where everybody went to smoke pot at breaks and lunch was fun too.

I went out for soccer one year with three of my friends but they all quit before the first game but I stuck it out through the whole season. I didn’t play much but all the running and drills during practices got me in top physical shape.

Aside from those things I felt pretty invisible but I kinda liked it that way.

I always had a few good friends. Less when I went to the school in chile. I wasn’t focused on class and didn’t study much. My school had a nice IB program I could’ve skipped a year in college maybe if I had done that but I didn’t.

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