I relapsed

11 week sobriety. Good for me, statistically. My drug of choice is cannabis.

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No need to tell you what hash does to sz. I did it a few times in my 20s but quickly bored, it’s not that interesting an experience. However, in my recent official farewell to all things risky I had one last try and to my shock and that of those around me I went into deep psychosis for 3 hours, hallucinating with at least 4 of my senses.

Man, I’m sorry you went through that. That sounds horrible.

Often I miss weed or alcohol. It’s been probably a year without them. But my psy forbid me and I listen to her. Not to mention that I am sz because of weed and alcohol…

Don’t overdo it. Weed was my drug of choice and I smoked so much of it that now I cannot even smoke one joint without feeling sick.

That said, probably isn’t the best idea to smoke it when meds are trying to stop you from going crazy.

That’s like being a vegetarian that works at a slaughter house.


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