Just Another Day in Paradise

My “wife” went with me to a funeral today. It was my friend who died, but she had met him twice.

    It was so sad, I found out my friend killed himself a week ago, and I can't be comforted.  But when we got back to her place, my wife said she felt like listening to a compact disc, and she loaded her machine with a couple or three discs I had made her. First, River Dance.  And then, when we got tired of that, some Kate Wolf.  So healing was in the mix after all!



I really hope I get to reach your age, you must be glad looking back and knowing you have lived a full life and this is only the beginning. Sorry about your friend, I hope I outlive my pals too but I don’t count on it.

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I’m sorry about your loss, and the way in which it occurred. Suicide is never an easy thing to deal with, no matter which way you are connected to it.

It’s nice that you’re wife went with you. Support is good to have at a time like this.

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Sorry for your loss,

I’m still struggling to come to terms with a friend’s suicide a few years ago. But time heals all wounds and found music and writing helped the most. Although I have done some grief counseling on it and found that very helpful also. There are many support groups around if you need it, on and offline. It’s hard to do as you get caught up in the pain and the confusion but remember him for who he was. Most importantly let yourself grieve.

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I’m sorry Jayster. It’s hard loosing a friend to anything… and suicide makes it even harder at time.

It’s going to take time but I hope soon you can look back on the time you had fondly.

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I’m sorry for your loss, losing a friend is never easy.

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