Lost a sz friend

I don’t have active friendships that frequently, but my friend I used to talk for hours. For me, a new experience that has never been duplicated yet. Maybe helped by the fact that I am German American and she was Japanese American. Today,I received a return to sender letter I had sent her. From the computer, we found out that she died a few weeks ago. I intend to contact her family. I know she struggled so maybe I should think she is happier now, but I am grieving.

I am soo sorry that you lost your friend. It’s hard loosing friends when we have so few. I think we cherish them more.

I do hope you find some comfort from her family.

I’m sorry Chordy I know it hurts.

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I am so sorry for your loss Chordy, may she rest in peace

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sorry to hear thatxxxxxx

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So sorry to hear that chordy. It’s like a little piece of you dies as well when a friend dies.

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Sorry to hear…:frowning:
I lost my wife last year in May…today would have been her 42nd birthday…and it is still hard…I went off the deep end a few times last year and almost took my own life twice…
It is just hard and there are really no words to say in such a time as this because the loved one can not be replaced by anyone, though others can bring comfort…

So sorry to hear of your loss.