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Pink Floyd – Brain Damage Lyrics

The lunatic is on the grass.
The lunatic is on the grass.
Remembering games and daisy chains and laughs.
Got to keep the loonies on the path.

The lunatic is in the hall.
The lunatics are in my hall.
The paper holds their folded faces to the floor
And every day the paper boy brings more.

And if the dam breaks open many years too soon
And if there is no room upon the hill
And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too
I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon.

The lunatic is in my head.
The lunatic is in my head
You raise the blade, you make the change
You re-arrange me 'til I’m sane.
You lock the door
And throw away the key
There’s someone in my head but it’s not me.

And if the cloud bursts, thunder in your ear
You shout and no one seems to hear.
And if the band you’re in starts playing different tunes
I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon.

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Such a good record!

I cut my teeth on Pink Floyd. This is what everyone says is the ultimate stress test for your stereo system. It has all the highs an lows you want in a record to check it out. It was the first albumn I bought…but it was on cassette…I soon fixed that as a young 15 year old…My vinyl is now sadly with a little brother…I just do digital but sadly Pink Floyd isn’t on that playlist…I never bought it on cd. It was all vinyl in the end!

The albumn is Dark Side of the Moon for those who don’t know!

Much respect @77nick77 !!

Yeah, for a long time I went over my friends house in high school almost every night and he played this album almost every night. More often than not, we tended to be drunk or high, trying to pick out what all those background voices were saying. Never knew for sure.

Well you got me there, my first album was a Beach Boys album. Both bands are legendary but I have to say that Dark Side of the Moon was cooler.

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Pet Sounds was an amazing album by the Beach Boys but if you smoked refer the Dark Side of the Moon was so good.

I never smoked back then … But I loved that album. Pink Floyd was my mental state in my teenage years. Great music.

I’ve seen Pink Floyd live…without Roger Waters. Roger Waters is back over here this year doing Pink Floyd again…not sure whether I’ll go and see it…it’ll be expensive and not sure It’ll be any good…Gilmore was such a choice guitar player…it just won’t be the same!

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I saw Pink Floyd in 1993. With no drugs or alcohol. I waited all night for “Money” to play. About 3/4’s of the way through the concert I had to use the restroom. I was gone for ten minutes and when I was returning to my seat, I heard the last strains of “Money”. Damn.

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