Pink Floyd has new album coming out!

I don’t know if it’s “from the vaults” or what …I suppose it has to be, but on facebook I just learned that it is in the works…nick77 I thought you might want to know this especially?


Ahhhhhhhhhh! Thats great!

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Thanks jukebox. Actually though, I like only three of their albums, just the old stuff : ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, ‘Wish You Were Here’ and ‘Animals’. For some reason I never got into ‘The Wall’ or anything after it.

I see nick77…I love “the Wall”, but it’s depressing haha…I really like “Meddle” have you ever heard that one?

Yeah jukebox, my friend had Meddle. It was OK. Kind of trippy. All those weird noises. I went and saw Pink Floyd in concert in 1995 when I was living in a board & care home. I was clean and sober. I remember I kept waiting for them to play “Money” . Near the end of the concert I went to use the restroom and while I was gone they played “Money”.

that’s awesome you got to see the Floyd! I had a chance in the seventies to see the “animals” tour and my dad wouldn’t let me go…made me so mad…haha…maybe it was my afro that gave it away that I would probably be trouble at a Pink Floyd concert…(no, I no longer have an afro…and it was “my hair” not a perm! haha)…my friends laughingly called me “curls”…also something that made me mad…haha…

I love the Animals! Nothing to do with Pink Floyd


im a big final cut fan! but i like all there work. not keen on dark side of the moon tho. but i am a big pink floyd fan! wish i could have met syd barrett

Got pulse. Mainly because it has that flashing light on it! Love the way they mention the light in the sleeve notes. Maybe I will fit it with a new battery one day.