Journal Under Fire for Linking Schizophrenia to Demonic Possession

Ignoring the long-established biological and environmental causes of schizophrenia, one researcher claims that hallucinations associated with the disorder are actually the result of demonic possession.

Published in the Journal of Religion and Health, Turkish researcher M. Kemal Irmak’s paper “Schizophrenia or Possession?” argues that demons “have the power to possess humans and control their body” and that schizophrenic hallucinations are “a false interpretation of a real sensory image formed by demons.” Based on anecdotal evidence from one man who claims to have expelled “evil demons from many psychiatric patients with the help of good ones,” Irmak concludes that mental health professionals should work together with faith healers to form more holistic treatment options.

it is good to hear ’ the medival times ’ is still being published.
i loved their recent article on ’ how to find out if you have a witch in the local village ',
it was very informative, i am off to find me a witch and drown them in the local river…
oh humanity…
take care


@darksith I have to tell you that I do love your sense of humor. You brighten my days.


will the real fruits please stand up :slight_smile:

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So that guy at the bar who yelled at me “im a black witch!” after he made me visually hallucinate wasn’t a witch then?

Oh humanity.

Let’s change the title then, there are no witches, only people with capabilities provided by the others that exist along side us and always have.

And no there are no long established biological and environmental causes.

About time someone stood up and spoke the truth about schizophrenia. Cast out demons by prayer and meditation.