Need An Excorcism

Only a Catholic priest can do one. Am I correct? :church:

No, not correct. Anyone with a true relationship with Jesus and understanding his power can do it. Some shamans can also do it, depending on what you are dealing with.

I went to a pastor tried to tell him I was possessed and needed to be rebuked. Even gave him clear evidence of being possessed. For 6 weeks after that all we did was talk about tactics to deal with schizophrenia. Pastor didn’t believe in evil spirits etc.

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You will find that often. Many people have given up belief. I was amazed to find that some pastors & priests don’t even believe in God or heaven ! they get some theology degree so they can work in a church as a career. OMG!

So you actually have to shop around. Then you have to be careful about deliverance ministries because some of them can be very controlling.

@BakedBeans, can you give some details about the demon? Even a drawing? I can sometimes do things…

@e_lunaseer I feel possessed today. Spent all day laying in bed scratching my nails up and down the wall. Felt like I needed Depends. No energy to walk to the washroom but I forced myself. Then I began grimacing and making grunting noises. This is what i’m dealing with. :toilet:

@e_lunaseer yeah… I would study the Greek language, the language that the bible was first written in…, before you go off making assumptions.

New Testament********

I do not believe in demonic possession, not at least when it comes to mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. But if I really thought that I was possessed, I would not feel comfortable going to see a priest. Shaman maybe - but no catholic priest for me

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Idk if that is really possession…sometimes we feel that way due to some stress or maybe just plain boredom. lack of energy can cause us to be really frustrated with ourselves, hence the wall scratching…I used to get it and toss and turn in bed, not wanting to be there but no energy to do anything and would sometimes scratch…not badly scratch though.

I have for years…

daimonizomai…to be possessed with a devil or unclean spirit

akathartos pneuma …unclean spirit or essence

pharmakeus…from pharmakon, drug or spell giving potion…one who gives magical remedies, a sorcerer