John Oliver Explains Why Our Mental Health System Is Broken

(8-16-19 ) It’s August, which means I will be taking a short, but much needed vacation with my family, and also finishing my new novel, entitled SHAKEDOWN. The comedian and social commentator John Oliver does a tremendous job examining our broken mental health care system in this segment. Take special note of his comments about blaming individuals with mental illnesses for mass shootings. Please take time to watch it. You won’t be disappointed.



It really is a shame how things are with mental health. I think the UK is not as extreme as the US, but still have a way to go.

Sussex Partnership NHS trust is absolutely useless. I have not seen anyone for two months now. They really don’t care. I am just lucky so far this year that I have not had a relapse, as there is literally no safety net.


Unfortunately even with a perfect mental health system, behavior cannot be predicted. It probably won’t be long till pre-crime rolls out.

I see a depot nurse every month. As for a pdoc- once in the 23 months I’ve been here. I think that’s because I’m chronically as opposed to acutely mentally ill.

A big difference for me here , compared to my previous trust , is I have my stepdaughter in my corner.

Also I think the quality of mental health professional is better here . Previous trust -38 years under it(4 years in N. Wales sandwiched in between) and not a sniff of an autism assessment.

Current trust- 1st appt October 2018 . Referral for assessment same month. Diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome May 2019 .

I think the mental health system is decent in the states. If you have alot of money it can be really good. I think more time needs to be spent during each appointment though.

I think I only see my pdoc around every 2 years now. Apart from that I am pretty much on my own. Too severe for the mental health services in my area and not severe enough for the CMHT.

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With avoiding political commentary, the current president of the U.S. mentioned he wanted to build long term mental institutions again. Some of his words toward us sufferers were less than kind. I doubt that will solve the mass shooting problems.

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Come on, we all know the the Mental Health System, is mentally ill.