Mental Health System

Is the mental health system inherently, intrinsically harmful?

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From what I’ve seen up close and personal, it is certainly broken at least here anyway

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Hi Martin! Good to see you again!

I just think the mental heath system kinda has a ‘one shoe size fits all’ the way they dole out the anti psychotic medication.

Every mentally ill person has a story that needs to be explored. Unfortunately, the Doctors just don’t have the time to vet every patient to the nth degree.

Fully understanding why a patient has become ill would go a long way to helping individuals recover sooner…in my opinion.


Harmful? Maybe
But it certainly is broken.

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I like what the three posters above me have said (and I can’t remember the last time I gave three consecutive likes before). I’ve seen a lot of patients shoehorned into a little nifty box. If you don’t fit into a tidy box, you get pretty crappy treatment and attention. On the other hand, if you’re in extreme crisis (think state hospital commitments), you can get an astounding level of 1:1 attention and help. So many people, many homeless, out there struggling to get ANY help and usually get jack and lip service.


Usually jail time for the fact that their homeless.


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