Jesus and daemons

I can hear Jesus he is talking to about the daemons that are standing next to my husband they are laughing at me
Jesus want me to help him save my husband who not Christian …the daemons around my husband wants his soul i keep telling him that Jesus want you to be saved but i guess my husbands not ready yet
Jesus says he will in time but we dont have a lot of time left so many wrong things in this world …so much evil
Today i bought a King James Version Bible Its black and its a paperback …i am fasting until tomorrow night just drinking water until then…going to church tomorrow having a meal there tomorrow night
i will also fast the next few days
going to read the bible for a little while before bed …

It is a hallucination/delusion

Hope you feel better

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I am saved been going to a new church a baptist one in town ever since i have talked to Jesus he with me all the time everywhere and telling me that everything will be ok
i have to go and read the Bible then bed
Am so happy thats Jesus is in my life all i need now is for the daemons to leave my husband alone
Am praying for him.
hallucinations maybe yes…maybe no
maybe a beautiful dream

Kindness means more than visions.

Your husband will come when he’s ready. More people have been converted by cookies than door to door salesmen. I’ve had people yelling Jesus at me for years and for a long time I did believe. But it was the sort of belief you have now. I was desperate for any sort of comfort and kindness in my life that I could appreciate. I was suicidal and I thought Jesus/God was the only one who loved me. It was a hell in my own mind though. I had a comfortable suburban life. I had a nice yard, a dog, the cat I begged my parents for for at least a year, I had it all but I was so sick. I prayed for death because it was the only solution I could see but I wasn’t strong enough to do it myself. I prayed for God to do it for me because I was too scared.

Then I got on medication and light came into my life. I went from agnostic to atheist to Buddhist, back to agnostic and I think that I might be going back to Christianity, but in a healthy way. It wasn’t the door to door sales men, the Jehovah’s Witnesses or Evangelicals that got me. It was the pastor at my parent’s Church. He offered to teach me how to drive (I’m 25). He taught me how to drive and he didn’t preach. He didn’t say a word about Jesus, God, or the Holy Spirit. He just let me ask all the questions I wanted and never pushed a thing.

Recently I went to a fair in Virginia and there were people with a stand handing out free cookies. I couldn’t really hear what the lady said when I took a packet but I think it was something like “all we ask is that you live what’s on the packet”. There was a little short Bible verse there but that wasn’t the point to me. They were feeding the hungry. Maybe a cookie at a suburbanite’s fair isn’t like feeding the homeless but tell that to a hungry three year old. Right now is there who life.

The reason I went for Buddhism wasn’t because I knew anything in particular about it but because my yoga teacher was Buddhist and I saw her living her faith and that inspired me. It’s much more inspirational when you learn accidentally that someone you respect believes either this or that.

Cookies over salesmen.

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yes i think you are right oneapoet cookies over salesman
i only just woke up half of the day is gone unsure why i slept this long
daemons are still here there just standing waiting unsure what there doing
am listening to christian rock…

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