Jehovas Witness Missionaries

So today i had an encounter with JW Missionaries, 2 women, 1 girl looked really good but i know shes brainwashed to the point of no return. We talked about all of sort of issues such as free will, which i reject, the fall of adam and eve, whether god controls the evil in the world, whether Jesus had ‘abolished’ the torah and if god is all-loving, which i dont believe. So yeah it was quite a long conversation but the one (cute) girl had almost tears in her eyes when i was disproving the older woman. They still agreed to come over again some time because i wasnt really using biting and ridiculing arguments.

So… whats your experience with Jevohas Witnesses? How do you react to them? What do you do when you see some person with a bible in his hands trying to read you portions from it? Do you just shut the door? Never open it? Chat with them and say they are wrong? Tell them to never come back to your house again? Let me know. I liked the girl (she was really emtionally connected with the whole subject) and i hope they wont send 2 men next time.

There’s this 1 hot girl that would come to our door with this little say 6 year old girl . Each time I got tricked I thought the little girl was selling girl guide cookies . Trickery! :blush:

What did they come to your door for? Was the little girl her daugther? I am sure the “hot”/cute girl i met today is already married, i would find it incredible that this community couldnt find a husband for her, since shes like 20-25. They marry young ive heard, because family is important to them.

The Jehovah witnesses are lovely people. They saved my parents marriage, by restoring the love that was nearly lost.

I always talk to the Jehovah witnesses, and the Mormon too.

Yeah we also have Mormons in my town, infact they have quite a large church here, who go door to door preaching their beliefs. However my last encounter with them ended up badly and they never came to my door ever again. (Perhaps it was too insulting to them) They were quite friendly, understanding, good looking young men with an american/english accent.

They gave me a brochure both times. The little girl with a big smile says “did you know that God loves you?” :slight_smile: how can I not smile at that lol

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Lol. Yeah they gave me a brochure too and opened a site from it which talks about the fall of adam and eve and how it was their own free will to sin. They also complimented me for my ‘great’ knowledge of the bible. ( Well, atleast you get some reward from reading this thick tome.) Funny how they use little girls and women as a bait to join their community…

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How does this relate to schizophrenia? How many times do you people need to be told not to post religious topics? All this will do is cause strife.


Well, the “religious” outlook on the world and god i received from my schizophrenic experience. So everything i “know” about the world is from my schizophrenia. Sorry i havent mentioned this in the OP.

But isnt Lounge basically for any topic even those that dont relate to mental illness?

A great conversation to have in a different community. Locked. We try to discourage religious conversations here that don’t directly relate to recovery:

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