Jehovah's Witnesses came to my door today. I talked longer than I should have

Without getting too much into religion,

I’d like to talk about the JWs that came to my house today.

I have a real difficult time being mean to them and just telling them to leave.

They think they’re doing the right thing by witnessing and I don’t want to be a jackass.

Usually telling them I’m Jewish gets them to politely get lost,

However today they were persistent.

Religious stuff freaks me out so now I feel weird and wish they hadn’t come by at all.

How can I be polite to these people but get them to go away?

Now that I feel satan is back, what do I do?

It’s going to take forever to get this back under control.

Why did I talk to them?

Next time dial me up and hand the phone to them. I got your back.


When I was a young man there were some that came around looking to play basketball. I played with them several times but didn’t do much talking.

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I might.


I heard my wife talking to Mormons last summer at the door. She was trying to be polite and give them the hint to leave. The missionaries kept pushing. I finally came up and confronted them.

“You have fifteen seconds to get out of here before something really objectionable happens. I’m an excom so you should take me seriously.”

Their eyes went wide at “excom” and they fled.


Maybe tell them youre about to head out the door and on a time crunch?

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Good strategy.

Never give someone who delights in inappropriate behaviour an opportunity to showcase his skill at it.

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My hubby loves talking to them. I do not. I can’t slam the door any faster in their faces when they show up. I mean, I get their mission, but I don’t have the desire to talk. Maybe I’m just unfriendly. Lol.


One of my friends is a former Jahova’s Witness. She says if you say you’re an apostate ( a previous JW who stopped believing), they would leave and never bother you again. She says their worst fear is apostates


I never new what it is JW.
We have their, well I guess it’s church near our building.
I’ve been here for eight years, and non of them came.
I just wanted to ask what they witnessed…

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It’s been a long time since they came to my door, but now that I live in a gated complex they leave their magazines in the postboxes. I just throw mine in recycling every time

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Their mission in life is to convert as many people as possible. I know a lot of religion since I was raised as a Mormon and now I know 100% sure I don’t want to be a member of any. I understand how they work.


I don’t know how missionaries at the door would respond, but with telemarketers I find that saying “look, I don’t want to waste my time or yours, I’m not interested in what you’re selling” is usually effective. If it isn’t, then they’re the ones being rude by insisting. And that gives me a full license to be rude myself. :smiling_imp:

Oh whoops, didn’t realize this was an old thread… Still getting used to this interface.

It’s okay.

I figured out how to deal with the JWs after several weeks of talking to them.

I read the literature and they don’t allow female leadership or queer people.

Citing that as my reason for not subscribing to their religion.

Should shut it down.

Too bad.

I did like them.

Got them to turn from JW stuff and talk about old hollywood movies with me.

It was fun.


I’ve seen videos by missionaries on Youtube talking about other cultures where they were sent to, sometimes those videos are pretty interesting.

Regardless of how much of a believer they may be, I’m sure most of them are desperate for some plain non-religious human contact.

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