What should I do with these JWs? Not religious talk

For months I’ve met with some Jehovah’s Witnesses every Tuesday morning.

I really like the ladies.

We have some interesting conversations.

Some religious, some not.

The bottom line is, I’m not going to be involved in their organization.

Am I leading them on for the sake of human interaction?

I’m starting to feel bad.

I could just tell them I’m not interested in their religion,

But I enjoy our conversations so much.

I’m such a soul tease.


I used to work for a JW and was friends with their family. It is my understanding it is kinda a requirement to ‘witness’ ie spread the word.

In my experience that ultimately they loved finding people who would give them time just to prove they had been witnessing. They weren’t that concerned if you had no intention of joining the church or not

I have had a soft spot for JWs since being involved with my bosses family. Their family were lovely

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I kind of figured I was helping them meet some sort of witnessing requirement.

I’m sure it’s scary going from house to house not knowing what will happen at the door.

They probably want to spend as much predictable time with me as they can.


For sure. Rest assured you aren’t a soul tease - it’s a win win situation for all involved


I’m sorry, but due to the nature of this having religious roots, it has to be closed.