Jehova withnessis put me in psychosis

Never let jehova withnessis talk to you, if you need prayer go to some church and ask the pastor to pray for you.
They came to me and told me something and had me read a sentence from bible, and they got happy that i did, they were happy because if i go to psychosis i will donate some money to their fond… I dont think its a right way to ern money, by puting mentally ill in a very bad shape.

what was the line?

Its a psychosis trigger i dont want to say it

I hate it when they bring their little kids to the door. Why drag kids through that?

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I have to say, they saved my life. If it wasn’t for them I would have died. I OD’d and passed out outside my house, the JW came along and found me, called 911. If they hadn’t come calling I would have aspirated on vomit or died of hypothermia. I was angry and resented them for a long time for saving me. Now… not sure how I feel.

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Because they’re sicker in the head than we are.


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my dad scared the crap outta them, literally.

My boyfriend goes to a Jehovah Witness church and studies the bible with some members. He doesn’t pledge to the faith 100% which is good. I told him if we have kids someday we are celebrating holidays and birthdays and he agrees with that. He doesn’t knock on doors with them or believe everything they teach. He actually got pretty mad at one sermon he went to. They were teaching that homosexuality is a sin. There are a lot of Christian churches that are extreme and brainwash the people almost. So I just tell him to be careful. I had an experience with an evangelical church that had me so convinced that non-believers were going to hell that I would talk to people on the streets and shove it down my family members throats. It works for some people to be Christian but for me it made me worse. :sun_with_face:

I was in town met one as I got off my bike. Tried to give me literature and I refused it. Then started some talk about the complexity of the cell and how god dun it. I told him I had a computer science degree , and I was an atheist. he eventually moved away

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How about a healthy dose of shut the ■■■■ up? You wouldn’t say these things about other religious groups so don’t do it here.

Malvok , can’t tell whether your saying that the poster should have told the jehovess witness to shut up , or that you are a jehoves witness yourself and you don’t take kindly to the OP

I don’t think that was their intent.

I don’t take kindly to any of these posts. Though I’m an atheist, my family are JW. Also, @plumber is one. These comments are way out of line.


Wouldn’t it be funny or mort ended up falling in love with a devout jw?

Hey, it could happen, it’s love.

Religion is not beyond debate , anyone looking at the comment history , would probably stop at your comment if they were looking for offense.

I’ll reread , I didnt see anything offensive.

This is not debate.

I am sorry…

I see now that I have offended… I hope you will accept my apology.

I usually try and stay away from the religious threads. (with better luck and self regulation at better times)

I will resume that practice again.

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I sometimes forget as I frequent a lot of sites where anything and everything is up for debate. Yeah maybe your right to check I just didn’t understand your tone , now that you have explained it , I can see your point. Just the words took me aback.

I’ve had little sleep so my tone is a bit aggressive. Still, these kinds of posts aren’t cool and anyone would be offended if ithey were directed at them or a loved one.

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Yeah I was replying to the OP I guess the others will say that they went ‘all in’ to be supportive. Like a reflex , without thinking that much. I take your point that JWs are an easy target , but they do some far out things. Anyway I should be putting water down rather than stoking the fire. I guess the key thing is you had a point