Can we bring back the AOL “you got mail,” voice

I want to hear “you got mail,” everytime i have a notification. And when i log off and log back in I want to hear “you got mail,” for every notification when i was off.


I never had AOL but I know the voice you’re talking about from the movie You’ve Got Mail. I loved that movie.

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Can you make that your text tone? Ive heard peoples phones say crap or play part of a song that didnt seem like the generic pre loaded vanilla stuff. I bet its contagious and it trends atleast some. Lol

Yea u can make it ur text tone if u wanted

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gawd…the golden age of dial up! There’s some memories!

I remember aol… my electronics growing up vs now. Its pretty much infinitely further then where we started…

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i remember that from my childhood, i seem to be getting old now

I liked that. I liked how it said welcome when you logged on too.

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I’m with you on this one.

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