I've gone a bit of course

I have kept up the exercise, but I have gone a bit of course in my eating habits. A lot of soda, candy, frozen pizza etc. And I notice these foods are not optimal for your mental health, not that it makes me psychotic but it affects my mood and well being.

This happens fairly often with me. One day I’ll drink a coke and then I’ll drink it the next day, and then I’m craving sugar and suddenly I’m drinking one coke every day.

I need to get more on track, but not like eating super healthy every day, cause that’s not sustainable, I need to find a balance. Maybe fast food 2 times a week max and only soda in the weekends.

Soda is super addictive
I drink too much of it

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It is. I managed to keep it to 2 times a week for a while actually, but then I told myself “one coke a day aint bad”, and sure, it’s not probably gonna kills you, but it aint the best either.

I have that same problem anytime i’m medicated Tbh lol. I hate to say but I think a lot of my weight loss has come from being so unmedicated lately.

It’s just too hard to say no to crap food on antipsychotics for me. No bueno.

I though switching to abilify would help, and yeah I lost some initial weight but eating habits were still very poor

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But also I will say exercising can stimulate appetite a lot because you are using a lot more energy, so i wouldnt be too hard on yourself

just lost 3 pounds. Im not diabetic, but doctor says I am anemic, low on iron and d. My insurance wouldnt cover one of the vitamins, and someone offered to pay for the vitamin which was so heart-warming and kind of them.

I dont eat a ton of junk food or eat much for that matter. I think im just built differently. I would love to be back to a smaller or regular size. Its gonna be more difficult but i gotta keep going, the best i Can do is walk a mile every day and cut out starches and sugars completely. I usually dont get hungry.

Depakote also made me hungry and gained 40 pounds on that alone. it was making me depressed and hungry. Im not taking it anymore but the withdrawal was intense and hard to handle. i know I will never be able to be free of Abilify. I think its connected with my Genetic makeup at this point or it feels like it but if i ever could heal without it that would be awesome.

Have tried to be off abilify so many times its not worth it. I become emotional. The withdrawal is so intense, and I have never made it past withdrawal.

My dad said not to mess with the dosages, that I wont be able to tell whats helping and whats not. But i know I can tell how it makes me feel.

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