I've given up L-theanine after using it for about a year

I’m only only abilify now(and metformin for high blood sugar caused by abilify) . No more clonaezpam, no more l-theanine .

It’s like Cloneazapam in the way it works, but you build up a tolerance to it just like Cloneazapam and it stops working. It was just an expensive placebo in the end.

It really is a wonder supplement though. I’d really recommend it. I was taking a whopping 800mg a day and suffered no withdrawal when I stopped it cold turkey.

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Do you still have anxiety? I’m taking propranolol for anxiety and it’s way better than benzos. It’s a beta blocker, non addictive.

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For many medications (and I suspect supplements) your body becomes used to it and you have to increase the dose.

Did it slowly stop being effective for you?

@Minnii, I still have anxiety, but it’s manageable. There was a big decrease in anxiety (from being unbearable to being manageable) when I switched to taking abilify in the morning instead of night.

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Yes, slowly stopped being effective. Which allowed me to get used to increasing anxiety I guess :smile:

Just like to update this thread.

I ran back to l-theanine. I couldn’t hack life without it. There was some withdrawal involved also. I’m down to 600mg a day (2 separate doses of 300mg) from 800mg a day though.

The withdrawal was unexpected, and reminded me of clonaezpam withdrawal.

Maybe you just had to give ur body a break. Maybe you should just rotate dosages, like have it every now and then for maximum benefits.

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