I've been playing lottery after the discharge

I don’t play lottery prior to the onset. I have changed. I don’t think I can have money for shelter if it is not coming from the lottery. The real estate has been crazy and it goes 3.5 fold in price in a few years. And I can’t earn much. I would be happy if I can earn a little pocket money for snacks. So i will keep playing the lotto even if it doesn’t pay off. There is a little hope i can bring my family and myself a better future.

Playing the lottery is fun but I would not depend on winning it to shape my future. I would never depend on it because there is no gauruntee that you will win. No guarentee at all. If you have a few extra bucks to spare it’s OK to play occasionally but if you’re tight on money I think the few bucks you’re spending on the lottery now could be better used elsewhere.

Thank you for your reply, @77nick77. I used to think I’d spare the money for a coke to buy a ticket. I have a large bottle of water with me everyday. I console myself with this.

I agree with @77nick77. I don’t play the lottery at all. One for religious reasons (gambling is a sin). Second since most if not all lotteries are government run it is just paying another tax, and I don’t like taxes.