I've been off here for years but listen to this

Alright, its been a while… I hope you’re all holding up, don’t recognize as many faces since last time I popped in

Recently I had somebody mention their experience with “benadryl tripping” (high dose antihistamines), and it sounded quite similar to the visual and paranoia aspect of the disorder. Some looking around online and turns out to be more common than I would’ve known

“The living nightmare” happened to other wise healthy and young adults, delusions as well as dark hallucinations. Listen, its a long shot, has anybody taken a really hot shower when your hallucinations get out of hand? The drug is an antihistamine and deliriant. Could highly be correlation not causation but getting histamines riled up from the heat in my theory would pull a reverse and calm the ■■■■ down.

In theory intense heat would soothe it, figured worth a shot

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I recognize your name.
How have you been?

Glad to see you back!


Nice to see you too, Wave :smile: I’ve been alright. How about you?

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Hanging in there @redanne
Thanks for asking.

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Gee, I don’t know.

I supposed schizophrenic hallucinations were generally auditory whereas drug-induced hallucinations were more often visual.

Yeah that seems to be true based on what I’ve seen on this board. You hear many more complaints about audible than visual.

@Bowens @Jayster

I tend to forget the varying age groups on here, my apologies. You both are correct for the typical onset age group; If you’re ever curious though, early onset schizophrenia (younger than 18) and childhood schizophrenia (younger than 13) both tend to produce a higher amount of visual hallucinations than typical

At the time typing I just turned 22 a few months ago, but I got diagnosed as a kid. I forget about it sometimes in honesty

Thank you both, maybe still relevant to somebody though. Even I haven’t tried myself lmao

Good day to you! Sending good energy