"I've been informed that you've recently been in an accident, is that correct"

I hate these calls… How do they even find my number?


I had a call from the bank wanting me to pay a fee to protect me from Identity Theft.

I told the guy, I owe so many people so much money that the poor sap who steals my identity will never get a moment’s peace.

He laughed then I hung up.


That’s funny.

I just don’t pick up the phone if the call is from abroad. That’s my way of dealing with these scam calls and the spam filter of gmail is pretty good.


I’ve had umpteen of those calls.


I never pick up if I don’t know the number, unless they book an appointment via email.


Sometimes I’m tempted to pick up the phone when it’s a weird number.

Just in case it’s a real person that I know, somehow.

It’s just me feeing desperate

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I pick up as sometimes its agencies for work calling me.

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