Different numbers calling me

A couple of times a week there’s someone calling me and I don’t answer when it’s a number I don’t have saved. Today I called back on the number and the guy said he didn’t call me, and he said maybe someone is using his number. I didn’t even know that was possible.

I get paranoid from this, I hate when people call from unknown numbers. Next time I will answer and make them stop calling.


I would just block the number.

Problem solved!


Maybe I should do that. It can’t be something important… I’m paying my bills, I’m reading the letters the state sends me that is about disablity money etc… I don’t know what it could be.


I would just ignore it.


i had same thing for a while but now it seems it’s stopping again. I just ignored the phone calls. I would block if i could but i can’t find how to do it on my really old smartphone.

my phone lets me know I have spam calls coming in…does your phone have that feature? maybe it’s the doctor or something, probably not.

They call everytime from a different number so blocking them is useless. Though they don’t call me from private number. There is an option in phone to block private calls and spams but it doesn’t filter everything as I still get spam calls. Sometimes they don’t call for a month then next month they call several times

I’ve had my own number calling me before they can use any number. Spammers that is.

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I think its called spoofing

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I get this too being called by numbers i dont know, some of them are scammers. I dont answer these calls, but search on Google for the number to find who it was… theyre usually scammers.

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