I've been having symptoms

Paranoia, telepathy, thought insertions, anxiety and dissociation. I’m a mess. Even my fellow volunteers, my best friend and my Spanish tutor are triggers for me right now.

I took a Klonipin 0.5 mg prn and ate a CBD gummy 20 minutes ago. I’m off the phone with my friend. I feel a little bit better now. It always helps to get away from triggers. But with me, everthing and everyone is a potential trigger.


I’m sorry @SkinnyMe
Hopefully you’ll feel better soon.
Try to relax and stay away from triggering activities.

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CBD has antipsychotic properties so that might help.

Hope you feel better soon!

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Whats your med situation? Are you still on consta? Decrease anything lately?

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Hope you feel better man. You should get checked befor you break tho… I know I tried roughing it out and next thing you know I can’t control my body and I drink 1.75 liters of vodka in 15 or so minutes. Don’t really know what happend after that except I was locked up


I’ve been on the same meds, no changes for the past 5 years. And up til recently I have had no issues.

The other night, I was staying in a rented cabin in a state park. And I was having random paranoid thoughts like every 5th to 10th thought was a paranoid thought. I fell asleep anyway.

A day before that, I broke down in tears over an Adele song that my friend sang and played on her guitar to me.

A week before that, I was crying on my friends shoulder over my sister’s terminal cancer diagnosis.
@Wave @Headspark @Thaze @Italy2010.


im sorry to hear that . I mean meds only do so much(for me anyway) and sounds like it’s stress induced. I split from reality if I get stressed or angry. Im not a doctor but I pay close attention to how I behave(kind of a way to cope I guess) but Im not you, we all feel different and have different symptoms. Idk I hope that helps best of luck my friend. And sorry it wouldn’t let me reply. @SkinnyMe

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