I'm not sure

If I should go to crisis. Our fridge is fritz hearing ■■■■■■■■. My bf doesn’t believe the neighbors are ■■■■■■■ with us

I’m depressed. I just don’t feel good.

What should I consider?

I think if you don’t feel good and you’re hearing things/having active delusions,

You should go to the crisis center.

I’m sorry you’re feeling so down, @roxanna,

And hope you feel better soon.


I have cbd in my system from a week ago. They test you there. I may go anyway.sigh.

CBD doesn’t show up on a drug test.

Just THC, I think.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter.

You need help and should go regardless.


Can you get in touch with your doctor @roxanna?
If you are experiencing an emergency then maybe you should go to the ER.

Good luck @roxanna and stay safe


I see my pdoc tomorrow afternoon. I might just wait idk.

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you’re still getting problems with your neighbors? ugh.

if you have money, you and boyfrind could go to a hotel for the night.

is he supportive? just get away for awhile.

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I thought about doing that .

I started eating butter for the voice issues. It slows the brain down, but you’d have to be careful about the amount you eat. I’ll tell you how it goes.
I’m currently on invega 234mg, risperdal 3mg and depakote 500mg

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That’s a lot to take. All my meds are low mg. They know they can’t go high mg with me. I’ve never heard of butter used for that. I just stopped caffeine for fifth time it seems.

I just realized I don’t have a way to my pdoc appt becayits going to be storming. ■■■■ ■■■■ sob.

Well it’s not raining

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